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Refrigerator Repair Services in Edmonton

Lola Vickers

In the middle of a thunderstorm the other night all the power went out in my home, it quickly came back on so the night was not interrupted for long. But the next morning when I woke up to make breakfast I realized the power-outage had caused my refrigerator to stop working. In a panic I called Quality Appliance Repair, they sent a tech right out. He determined the power surge had fried the condenser, he replaced it and within a hour my fridge was back up and running like new. Thank You So Much!

Martin Hamilton

I recently moved into a new home, it came loaded with all the kitchen appliances. I am not to savvy with the appliance world, but I thought they were all in good working condition. That is until I started using my dishwasher, after the 2nd load I called in the professionals. The dishwasher was not cleaning any of my dishes. Turns out the water line coming into the dishwasher was not hooked up right. After a few minutes the technician repaired the lines and ran the dishwasher for a test. He stayed until the cycle was completed just to make sure the job was done right. So glad I called Quality Appliance Repair!

Washer Repair Services in Edmonton

Jeremy Ferguson

Every weekend I do my laundry for the week, I typically have one day off and that is when I have the time to do it. Well the other weekend I threw my clothing into the washer and went about my business. Came back to do the next load and all my clothes were sitting in a washer full of water. I called Quality Appliance Repair and they sent a tech right out I was surprised they were even open none the less sending someone out immediately. When the tech got here he drained my washer and repaired the broken draining mechanism in what felt like 10 minutes. After he was finished I was able to continue on with my Sunday routine and wash all my clothing once again!

Michelle Davidson

I knew my dryer was a bit older but it got the job done, that is until it didn’t. I opened the dryer to find all my clothes were soaking-wet. I called Quality Appliance Repair in Edmonton and they scheduled my appointment for after my shift at work. The technician repaired the heating core and once again my dryer was drying my clothes. Thank you so much.

Oven Repair Services in Edmonton

Maria Jung

Every week I host a dinner party for my friends and family to get together and spend some quality time together over a home cooked meal. It is the one time I get to see all the grand-kids and my children as well. I look forward to it every week, so this week when I was preheating my oven and it would not heat up I was devastated. I called Quality Appliance Repair and they sent out John, he arrived quickly and got right to work. The controllers were not set up properly and he fixed the issue to allow me to get back to my cooking prep and still serve my meal for my family. I am extremely thankful!